Snaffling Pig Mighty Colmans Mustard Pork Crackling 45g


Snaffling Pig Mighty Colmans Mustard Pork Crackling 45g


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When it came to creating our version of the gift from the porky gods that is the combo of pork and mustard, we didn’t want just any old flavour, we wanted the legend that is Colman’s. Anything else just wouldn’t cut the..err…mustard. So, we decided we’d drop Norwich’s finest a line to see if they fancied getting involved with our porky venture adventure. And, as you might have gathered from this page, they did! Hurrah.
The result of these flavour based nuptials is here for you purchase:
The taste is about the build of the famous Colman’s kick- it’s quite subtle at first behind some lovely meaty tones, but after a few chunks you’ll be in no doubt whatsoever who’s running the show on your palate.


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