Sky Wave Grapefruit Bitters- 50ml


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    Bitters are a very old tradition with gin. The original ‘pink gin’ used a few drops of Angostura Bitters to make the gin pink and with a slightly bitter flavour, long before the modern trend of coloured and flavoured gins. Sky Wave Grapefruit Bitters continues that tradition, and is a perfect complement to Sky Wave Gin, really bringing out the citrus flavours and enhancing our long lingering spiciness. Just put 2 or 3 drops in your G&T using the built-in dropper, for fabulous extra flavour. We make it in-house from the neutral grain spirit we use for our gin, similar citrus elements including of course red grapefruit, and a dash of gentian root. We serve it at 20% ABV to complement your gin perfectly. 50ml


    Sky Wave


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