Oxford Brewery Matildas Tears 440ml


Oxford Brewery Matildas Tears

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    Matilda’s Tears – ALC 5.0% VOL Look: Golden, Light Amber, Hazy Taste: A balanced bitterness, malty with an extravaganza of fruity notes Smell: Peach, marmalade, slightly floral Style: English IPA Empress Matilda was in France when her father, Henry I, died. So Stephen, the King’s favourite nephew, was crowned in her place. In response Matilda decided to invade England. It all went pear-shaped and she escaped to Oxford disguised as a corpse; on reaching Shotover Hill and seeing Oxford’s dreaming spires, she burst into tears of relief. All Our Beers Are Vegan And Vegetarian Friendly! Matilda’s Tears


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