Nunc Rose Blush 330ml


Nunc Rose Blush 330ml

Producer Note: Green Darjeeling tea, Raw honey, Jun SCOBY, filtered water, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Rose petals, Cardamom pods, Lavender. NUTRITIONAL INFO (per 330ml can) Kcal 52.8 | Protein 0g | Carbs 9.9g | Fat 0g

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Our non-alcoholic Rose Blush is lovingly fermented in small batches using the finest organic Darjeeling green tea, premium botanicals, and raw honey from rural Buckinghamshire.

We have handcrafted Rose Blush to be packed full of floral notes balanced with a delicate sweetness. The careful layering of botanicals create complex flavours.

Perfect for the mindful drinker on its own, or on ice.

Gluten Free



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