La Valle Pecorino 2018


La Valle Pecorino 2018  has a nose of Jasmine, flavours of white peach and apricot.

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La Valle Pecorino 2018. This wine gets its name from the Pecorino cheese because the sheep that make the cheese were used to keep the grass levels down in the vineyard, they would then go off to make the cheese so the farmers names the grapes Pecorino.
This Pecorino is a creamy white wine, it has touches of citrus running through it and makes you feel like you are sipping a little bit of Italian sunshine with each mouthful. Made by identical sisters from the Offida region of Le Marche, the juice sits on the lees (dead yeast cells) for 6 months to give the wine that rich creamy feel to it. This wine has also been shortlisted for the finals of the Peoples Choice Wine Awards 2021.

A nose of Jasmine, flavours of white peach and apricot.  A rich mouth feel on this wine.


Jackson & Seddon


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