Abingdon Madeira Barrel-Aged Gin 50cl


Abingdon Madeira Barrel-Aged Gin 50cl

Tasting Note: Tasting Notes – Nose: Raisins & toasted caramel dominate with faint orange Palate: Dry with juniper & Christmas spices Finish: very warming with subtle almond & vanilla

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    The third release in our Cask Series, our Madeira Cask Aged Gin. ABV 40%

    Our signature London Dry gin is aged for a secret length of time in freshly dumped wine casks from the island of Madeira. These casks have previously aged medium-rich dessert wine, taking on the sweet & spicy characteristics of the fortified wines. Each cask we lay down with gin is never the same & timing is crucial as to when it is ready. Too early and the flavour profile will be under developed.

    Too much time in the cask & the gin will be overpowered with tanins & bitterness from the oak.

    What goes in the cask at the start comes out at the end, we don’t dilute back. This is small batch craft gin production. 200 bottle release.

    Signature Serve – Serve tall over ice with a classic Indian tonic water. Sip neat to explore the complexity of this gin.

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