Mango Ginger & Lime gin perfect for Summer

Mango Ginger & Lime Gin

This week we met with Mark from one of our favourite distilleries, 6 o’clock. 

6 O’clock have just released their new range for 2021 including this Mango, Ginger & Lime gin. From first opening the bottle, the delicious flavours leapt into the room and we set about mixing with some of our Twelve below and Artisan tonics and a slice of mango poured over five ice cubes.  Our testers this week included Petra and myself, and five lucky customers who all agreed this Mango Ginger & Lime gin from 6 o’clock is a perfect Summer accompaniment to an evening beside the bbq. They also shared with us a fabulous 5 year cask aged Sloe gin-one not to be missed as its the oldest aged gin in the UK and only 1000 bottles made!

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