How to pour the perfect Gin & Tonic in 5 easy steps!

How to pour the perfect Gin & Tonic in 5 easy steps from the BeerGinVino team!

1. Choose your glass.

Balloon glasses are all the rage – they allow space for plenty of ice and garnish and the stem means the drink won’t warm from your hand. Highball glasses work well too.

2. Chill.

Chill your #gin, your glass and grab some great big ice cubes – the bigger the better to keep it cool without diluting your drink too much.

3. Choose your #tonic.

It’s all about the flavours that will enhance the botanicals in your gin. Try Chilton-based TwelveBelow Tonic for a stunning range of flavours.

4. Stir gently.

A step that many gin drinkers overlook. Get your stirrer in to the bottom and gently move around the glass to mix the flavours and cool the #drink.

5. Garnish.

Here’s the fun part. You might have firm favourites or you might like to experiment. The trick is finding flavours that enhance the botanicals in your drink for you to enjoy.

Pop down to see us at BeerGinVino today to learn more about the perfect G&T! See less— with TwelveBelow Tonic.

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