Gimlet- a beautiful gin story

We have the Royal Navy to thank for this beautiful gin #cocktail.

50ml #gin and 50ml lime cordial or homemade lime syrup and a slice of lime makes a gin #Gimlet.

As with its core spirit, the Gimlet was created for medicinal purposes, although in this case, a preventative one.

From 1867, it was mandatory for all #British ships to carry rations of #lime juice for the crew to prevent scurvy and mixing the lime with gin helped make it more palatable. The Royal #Navy actually issued Gimlets to their #sailors to prevent scurvy.

It’s thought that the name ‘Gimlet’ comes from the hand tool used to bore into barrels of spirits on #Navy ships, a word also used to describe something as sharp or piercing. Fitting for its “penetrating” effects on the drinker…!

For a real taste of the seas, try a Navy Strength gin like the Conker’s #RNLI Navy Strength Gin, distilled in honour of the courageous men and women who have worked selflessly over two centuries to end preventable loss of life at sea.

Gimlet- a beautiful gin story

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