BeerGinVino loves you, Haddenham in 2021

BeerGinVino loves you Haddenham. A village and civil parish in west Buckinghamshire, England. 5 miles south-west of Aylesbury, 4 miles north-east of Thame in neighbouring Oxfordshire. Population: 4,502 (2011).

And we LOVE IT!

Since opening BeerGinVino in October 2020, we have been ever so happy in “the home of the Hadding tribe” and glad to bring you all our favourite local and regional artisan drinks.

When you come into the Hatchery, Haddenham, you make us smile.

BeerGinVino loves you, Haddenham
Haddenham’s Duck Pond

Here are 5 reasons Haddenham is so special.

  1. Haddenham is 1 of just 3 wychert villages in England. Wychert is a method of building with a white clay mixed with straw to make walls and buildings, which are then thatched or topped with red clay tiles.
  2. Haddenham is so seemingly tranquil, it’s appeared on eight episodes of Midsomer Murders. In one 2015 episode, conflict between the village church and ancient pagan traditions were uncovered.
  3. Celebrities often pop in. Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo crash landed in Haddenham’s Church End pond in 1981.
  4. It’s not a bad place to see the (other) stars. The astronomer William Rutter Dawes had his home and private observatory in the village from 1857 to 1868.
  5. Haddenham used to have several more pubs than today. The Waggon and Horses, The Anchor, The Eight Bells and The Red Lion have all been lost in recent years. All the more reason why we’re keen to bring our drinks to you.

In addition, we have uncovered some real gems since October – Custom Cocoa Co and Beautiful Blooms florists to mention just two. Haddenham is a gift that keeps on giving.

So please, keep being wonderful, Haddenham.

BeerGinVino loves you Haddenham

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